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Whether you’re new to publishing and need someone knowledgeable to help you understand the landscape, or you’re a seasoned pro who just wants to get stuff done, we're here. From simple-but-time-consuming to enormous-pain-in-the-behind, let us do the things you don’t have the energy, time, know-how, or desire to do yourself. 

Just as a for-instance, we can:

  • Be your beta reader
  • Help you brainstorm
  • Set up your author social media pages and accounts
  • Set up and manage giveaways, contests, and events, or just handle fulfillment
  • Coordinate your book design so everything gets done on time with minimum hassle to you
  • Do research
  • Find awards and contests for you to enter
  • Untangle weird formatting and/or retype manuscripts (MS Word only)
  • Update your website with new reviews, events, titles, etc. (also see promotional copywriting below)
  • Advise you on publishing and promotion options
  • Remind you that you're awesome and anyone who doesn't realize it is a jerk
  • _______ (fill in the blank)

$35 per hour*

*Billable by the quarter hour. Projects we expect to take more than four hours of time may be billed as a flat fee, negotiated in advance.

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We'll read your book attentively then create a promotional “bible” for it, which we and you can use as a reference source for marketing and promotion. Our promo bibles include:

  • Lists of themes/concepts, quotable lines, and any other relevant items that might help in promotion
  • An honest assessment of the audience most likely to be interested in the book and why
  • The Amazon categories most appropriate for the book
  • Pertinent keywords (for SEO and social media)
  • Appropriate hashtags (for social media)
  • Our thoughts on the book's strengths and potential areas for improvement
  • Feedback on your cover as a marketing tool (if you have a cover)

This not only gives you an idea how a reasonably intelligent reader (which we say in all humility) is likely to respond to your book, but also improves your/our ability to focus your marketing efforts, reach the right audience, and create content that will successfully and positively engage with that audience.

$300 per title*

*Based on an assumed word count of 100K or less. There is an additional charge of $.004 per word for books over 100,000 words.

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Copywriting is often uncomfortable for fiction writers because it has more in common with advertising than novels, but it's still storytelling, and at RAR! we loooooove to write copy for our authors. We can handle everything from compelling book-jacket synopses to promo blurbs, from a 140-character Twitter bio to “WOW” website copy, and just about anything else you need.

rate varies*

*Price depends on the type of writing and how much of it there is, but estimates are free and without obligation.


Reviews. Author interviews. Guest blogging opportunities. Author Q & A. 

We’ve been busily networking with professional readers, reviewers, and book bloggers over the years, and we're always eager to make new contacts. We’d love to reach out to them on your behalf, whether you need reviews or are looking for other opportunities to grow your audience. We’ll create a "media kit" containing all the information a blogger could need — publication details, cover and summary, your social media links, where to buy the book, and so on — then identify appropriate bloggers for your genre and email each blogger individually, with a personal pitch and a copy of your media kit.  We can even take care of sending them the print or ebook if they request a copy. We’ll keep a log of everyone we’ve contacted and email you a weekly update.

$250 for reading and media kit

$35 per hour for research and outreach*

*Billable by the quarter hour. You can set a limit on the amount of time/money spent or the number of bloggers to contact, otherwise we'll spend one to two hours a week for as long as you want.

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The Internet runs on visuals and Google loves them. Let us create graphics you can post, tweet, share, and pin that will help you get found and noticed. If you're using them on a website we can also help you caption and tag them to boost their friendliness to search engines.

$35 per hour*

*Or see our monthly subscription option below.

Click through the carousel below to see just a few examples of social media banners and promotional graphics we've created.

Facebook/Twitter Management

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Fans are fickle and readers are constantly besieged by demands on their time. Let us keep your author brand fresh in the minds of your Facebook and/or Twitter audience week after week, month after month.

With the basic subscription, for either Facebook or Twitter we will:

  • create a visual "brand" to use as the basis for our original content
  • create and post one original branded graphic per week as you
  • like, share, and/or retweet relevant content as you four days per week

All we need is for you to make us an admin on your FB author page and let us add you to our TweetDeck. Then we can do it all without hassling you, while still respecting your privacy. How easy is that?

$175 per month for one (twitter or facebook)

$300 per month for two (twitter and facebook)

For the basic package described above. Billed monthly according to the date of the first post/tweet we make on your behalf.

Subscribe to the package as-is, or customize it with additional content. Either way, you’ll be free to focus on writing your next book, safe in the knowledge you’re not neglecting your platform or your readers.

Click through the images below to see a few examples of original Fb/twitter content we've created for clients and ourselves

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