Newsletters Don't Have to Hurt

I was recently fortunate enough to be asked to write a guest post over at Hidden Gems, and since I loooooooove them and use their ARC services regularly, I was honored and thrilled.

Make Newsletters a Part of Your Marketing Plan

A lot of authors I work with fight the idea of sending out a regular newsletter even more than they fight the idea of regularly engaging on social media (which is saying something). I understand you would rather be devoting your writing time to, you know, writing, but if you want to sell the books you write, you have to spend some of your coveted writing time on the business side of the publishing business.

And that means newsletters.

The good news is that with a little work up front, you can make newsletters a fast, simple, effective, and – dare I say? – fun part of your author platform.

The advent of indie publishing has changed the way readers regard writers, and that has changed how accessible writers need to be. I’m sorry, but you guys can no longer be the romantic figures typing away in lonely garrets, beloved by fans who buy your books but don’t intrude on your daily lives. Readers expect the authors they love to engage with them, to reward their love and loyalty with personal attention.

Newsletters are a terrific way to do that in a way that still leaves you plenty of time to write in your garret. Or coffee shop. Or office. Wherever.

So what should go in your newsletter?