Some of our peeps


c.r. fladmark

Award-winning urban fantasy author C.R. Fladmark was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia. He enjoys skiing, sarcasm, interesting food, spending time with his family, woodworking, and traveling to Japan. The Fallen Gatekeepers is the latest installment in his riveting urban fantasy series, and he's hard at work on the next.

“Adept world building [and] skillful character development…filled with magic, mayhem, and intrigue.” - Kirkus Reviews

"... Fresh and interesting ... the writing is smooth and natural; it’s easy to get sucked into Junya’s voice as he narrates his adventures—both the magical and mundane." - The BookLife Prize


mary maddox called her the "dark princess of suspense," and we couldn't agree more. Mary's thrillers are edgy and haunting, definitely to be read with the lights on. Despite all this darkness (or perhaps because of it?) she's a warm and wonderful person with a passion for horses.

"Silence of the Lambs meets The Turn of the Screw ... Made delicious by Maddox's Ray Bradbury-like gift for deft, deep-shadowed description." - The Charleston Times-Courier

"... An engrossing story that's filled with surprises right up to the end." - D. Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews


k. dicke

Sexy surfers. Bad-boy musicians. World-destroying evil. Women who bake, knit, and kick righteous butt. K. Dicke's romantic fantasy Tide series features strong women and the men who love them, battling the forces of darkness with a touch of snark and a whole lot of attitude. Readers have described the series as "unique," "enthralling," and paranormal fantasy "on steroids."

As you might expect from characters like this, their creator is the kind of person you want to hang out with at the beach, drinking rum punch and comparing tattoos. Some day we're going to make that happen.

"... Action, romance, and all of the twists and turns that I love in a good book ... The perfect summer read!" - Abby Anderson, Amazon


rich silvers

Rich's novels are short, fast-paced, and engrossing – perfect for those times you want to get away from the real world, or stay up late eagerly turning pages. Though he has a tendency to visit torment on his characters, he's an incredibly nice guy who donates part of the proceeds of each book to charity. He has a beautiful wife named Cathy and a beautiful Blue-Crowned Conure named D.J.

“Consistently readable and surprisingly affecting” -Kirkus Reviews

“A psychological thriller that should prove hard to put down … a must for contemporary fiction collections, recommended.” – The Midwest Book Review


d. pierce williams

You should always be friends with someone who knows as much as Don does about weapons and how to use them, but we'd like him even if we weren't pretty sure he could kill us with his pinky. His debut novel, book one of the First Earth series, is a wildly entertaining science-fiction adventure. Think "reverse steampunk with a medieval twist" and you might begin to get a feel.

"One of the best books I've read this year." - Shane Jardine, The Arched Doorway

"D. Pierce Williams has cleverly blended a neo-medieval world order with a futuristic galactic civilisation ... I await the next one in the series with interest." - Dr. R.W. Leslie, Amazon

Forever Rose cover

carmen oprea

Born in Vaslui, Romania, and educated in both Romania and America, Carmen has been in the US since 2001. She's smart, gorgeous, kind, and her accent is utterly charming (Romanian with a hint of Nashville, where she now lives). Her debut novel combines time travel and romance with an intriguing historical mystery.

"If you love Outlander then I think you will love this book!" - Kelly Snyder, Kelly the Sassy Book Lover

"... Transcends all of the possible boxes it could fit into, and is, ultimately, a wonderfully romantic, sometimes funny – sometimes poignant, strangely compelling story ..." - Melissa Bartell, Bibliotica

Dancing With Shadows_300dpi.jpg

adrian churchward

Adrian Churchward is a world-weary yet indefatigable solicitor who spends his time advising his clients to obey the law, while he writes novels and articles about governments who break it. His "Puppet Meisters" trilogy utilizes his many years of legal experience to explore state abuse of power, wherever that state may be. Plus his protagonist, human-rights lawyer Scott Mitchell, has a cat. Not that we're feline biased.

"I picked the book up midway through my Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday evening) and by 10am Monday morning I had compulsively read the whole thing cover to cover." - Charleyblogs

Tides of Change cover.png

susan maciver

Susan was one of our very first clients, and she holds a special place in our hearts.  She never set out to be a writer, but once the floodgates were opened she knew it had always been in the cards (or the water). She's also a sweetie-pie of a person with excellent taste in Mexican food and husbands.

"MacIver's prose is clear, elegant, and provides readers with sentences as lovely as the poetry and songs of the Atlanteans. [She] seamlessly builds characters whose emotions are as colorful, unpredictable and malleable as the world that surrounds them."        - BookLife