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At RAR we love us some SFF, and J.C. Steel delivers both urban fantasy and sci-fi in a big way. The Cortii series is hard SF with terrific world-building, while Death is for the Living takes vampire-hunting where you’d never expect it (hint: there are boats involved). Steel is also fun to hang out with on social media, as well as being an exceptional blogger (check out Space Trash, or Galaxy of Authors).

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Peter Gelfan is a terrific editor as well as a thought-provoking and eloquent writer. We can’t make him like social media (we’ve tried), but he’s so good at everything else he does we’re willing to overlook his lack of love for virtual socialization. He has a wry sense of humor, keen insight into the foibles of humanity, and an unusual ability to communicate with both clarity and grace.

Mike Shusko has been a Marine. He’s been attached to an embassy. He’s worked special ops and intelligence. He’s a medical doctor with an additional degree in public health who also speaks fluent Arabic. He’s been awarded the Bronze Star twice, and he’s the author of a fantastic action/thriller series called TRADECRAFT. On top of all that, he’s an extremely nice guy who loves his wife, triplet sons, and German Shepherd, Maggie.

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Mason's Gray
By Geri' Goodwin

We love Geri’. She’s just plain fun, with a little bit of edge — and that’s how she writes, too. Her first romance, Mason’s Gray, is about a bad-boy rock musician who falls unwillingly in love with his new neighbor, and it pushes all the right buttons. As one reader put it: “tasteful with just the right amount of naughtiness.”

Angie is one of those books you never get out of your head, like an old seventies song you never knew the name of but sing along with whenever it comes on the radio. It’s a poignant story of first love, last chances, and how hard we try to save people even when they don’t know how to save themselves. Also, the author is a doll and you should definitely talk to her about building forts.

By K. A. Tremblay
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Green Zone Jack
By I. James Bertolina

A missing senator’s son, an old flame, and a conspiracy that could topple nations: I. James Bertolina’s debut novel is a non-stop action thriller set in modern Baghdad you won’t want to put down until the very last page. Even if thrillers aren’t usually our thing, it’s a fast-paced, fascinating read. As one Amazon reviewer said, “I. Love. This. Book.”

When Jules Nichols and her lover Wesley off Jules’s abusive husband, Eddie, they take every precaution — and hell, even the cops agree Eddie had it coming — so why does everything keep going wrong? Kirkus Reviews says “Petersen’s novel, a cross between a breathless adventure and a slapstick farce, is action-driven from start to finish.” Also, Mark is a hell of a nice guy, and never contemplates doing the kind of insane things his characters do. At all. Not even a little.

One Fine Mess
By Mark Petersen
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Sherrye Cohn is an art historian, djembe drummer, and donkey/burro rescuer. She has written two nonfiction books about art, and her debut novel is a beautiful story about the meaning of sanity, the healing power of Nature, and the power of personal transformation. The Booklife Prize says “This novel is perfectly plotted, fascinating, well-paced, and full of surprises. Readers will be delighted.” We couldn’t agree more.

Female warriors known as Gatekeepers protect the gods of Izumo Oyashiro and battle the Evil Ones wherever they're found. But when one Gatekeeper is sent to protect 16-year-old Junya Thompson in San Francisco, a chain of events is begun that could destroy Izumo forever. C.R. Fladmark's wonderful YA series gives new meaning to the term "girl power."


Hometown Boys Ebook cover.jpg called her the "dark princess of suspense," and we couldn't agree more. Mary's thrillers are edgy, atmospheric, and haunting, definitely to be read with the lights on. Despite all this darkness (or perhaps because of it) she's a warm and wonderful person with a passion for horses.

P.L. Doss writes with humor, wit, and a love of forensic detail she developed during a career in various aspects of criminal justice, including a stint with the medical examiner's office. One of these days we're going to her lair outside Atlanta to share a bottle of wine and talk about autopsies.

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Sexy surfers. Bad-boy musicians. World-destroying evil. Women who bake, knit, and kick righteous butt. K. Dicke's romantic fantasy Tide series features strong women and the men who love them, battling the forces of darkness with a touch of snark and a whole lot of attitude. Readers have described the series as "unique," "enthralling," and paranormal fantasy "on steroids."

Rich's novels are short, fast-paced, and engrossing – perfect for those times you want to get away from the real world, or stay up late eagerly turning pages. Though he has a tendency to visit torment on his characters, he's an incredibly nice guy who donates part of the proceeds of each book to charity. 


You should always be friends with someone who knows as much as D. Pierce Williams does about weapons and how to use them, but we'd like him even if we weren't pretty sure he could kill us with his pinky. His debut novel, book one of the First Earth series, is a wildly entertaining science-fiction adventure. Think "reverse steampunk with a medieval twist" and you might begin to get a feel.

We met Jill Pepper Montz through her Uncle Donny, known to the rest of the world as John Donald Middleton, proprietor of Pious Pelican Press. We quickly fell in love with her positivity, determination, insight, and humor, and think this is one of the most inspiring and hilarious memoirs we've ever read.

My guru calls me momma
Forever Rose cover
Forever Rose
By Carmen Oprea

Born in Vaslui, Romania, and educated in both Romania and America, Carmen has been in the US since 2001. She's smart, gorgeous, kind, and her accent is utterly charming (Romanian with a hint of Nashville, where she now lives). Her debut novel combines time travel and romance with an intriguing historical mystery.

Adrian Churchward is a world-weary yet indefatigable solicitor who spends his time advising his clients to obey the law, while he writes novels and articles about governments who break it. His "Puppet Meisters" trilogy utilizes his many years of legal experience to explore state abuse of power, wherever that state may be. Plus his protagonist, human-rights lawyer Scott Mitchell, has a cat. Not that we're feline biased.

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The Wire Recorder
By Thomas A Levitt

Tom caught the writing bug early on from his parents, who encouraged his writing but were tough mentors. After his teaching “day job” turned into a career, it wasn’t until he retired in 2008 that he was able to take his pen up again. The Wire Recorder is inspired by both his own experiences as a teacher, and those of his parents, who testified during the infamous McCarthy Hearings.