We provide friendly, professional, personal support for traditional and indie authors.


If you’re like most writers, you have a family, a life, and probably a day job along with all the other adulty stuff constantly demanding your attention, so finding time to write is hard enough.

But once you’ve written, there’s even more stuff to do.

There’s figuring out which publishing path is right for you, and developing a platform, and creating an author brand, and social media marketing, and book promotion, and a whole bunch of other things that most authors find about as appealing as a chocolate-covered cactus.

But now you have us!

We have decades of experience with publishing, editing, book production, and promotion, and we’re here to help with whatever you need, even if it’s just to remind you how fabulous you are.

We’re also book lovers, and we’re passionate about helping you succeed.

So tell us: What do you need?


Author Social Media Marketing Platform
Author Assistant Virtual Marketing Support
Blurb, synopsis, and copy writing author marketing publishing
Author Book Reviews Support Marketing Assistance

soup up my
social media

We'll create original, professional visual content that stands out. We can even post it for you so all you have to do is engage.

help me with my stuff

We do whatever needs doing, whether that's grunt work or guidance. We're also available to hold hands and crack whips.

write me great blurbs

Author bios to Amazon pages, jacket blurbs to website copy, press releases, and more: we'll get you the right kind of attention.

get me more reviews

We work with current lists, ARC services, and our own database of friendly bloggers to get you reviews, interviews, and author Q&A.


What does that mean?

With so many authors self-publishing every day, it's harder and harder to get noticed amid the overwhelming noise.

But we think there's a lot more to a successful author brand and online presence than hawking books.

We still play the promo game, because (much as we hate to admit it) it's effective — up to a point. But what builds a brand is loyalty, and loyalty isn't bought or bullied, it's earned.

 Our goal is to help you engage with your readers and potential readers authentically and meaningfully over time, to create an author brand your audience will remember and appreciate.