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The set-up fee includes an attentive read by a RAR rock star who will create your story bible, which includes a plot summary, lists (such as characters, quotes, places, key items, etc.), and lots of other goodies we can use to identify your book’s target audience and inform your promotional platform.

Our set-up fee is based on an assumed word count of 100K or less. There is an additional charge of $.004 per word or for books over 100,000 words.

If you don’t have social-media accounts set up (or set up correctly, hint hint) we can do that for you. See our hourly virtual assistant rate on the services page.

Instagram, Litsy, and Snapchat can only be fully utilized as phone apps, so we regret that we’re unable to post to them on your behalf. We’re sorry, and we’ll keep checking in case they make them more PC-friendly or we find a work-around. 

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On a similar note, we’re pretty chill but we believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect, including us. We reserve the right to not work with folks who feel otherwise.

If you’re unhappy with us for any reason whatsoever, please talk to us and give us the chance to find a positive resolution before you tell the Internet we suck. Contact Jane at or (520) 262-2544. She promises to really listen.

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