We Love These Guys.

For all our superpowers, there are things we at RAR! don't do ourselves. Fortunately, we know awesome people who do all the things we don't. Click on the logos below to open a new tab.


the editorial department

When it comes to editing, there’s no one we trust more than Ross Browne and his team at TED. And we don’t just mean proofreading; they can help with outlining, story development, line editing, copy editing — and yes, proofreading.

the thatchery

Monica Haynes does fantastic book covers for all formats, plus branded promotional graphics so you can have a consistently professional look across media. Her prices are competitive, she's great with series branding, her turnaround is usually quick, and she's a doll to work with.

ampersand book interiors

If you need someone to design and typeset your book’s interior, look no further. Colleen Sheehan at Ampersand Book Interiors is creative, efficient, and fun. She doesn’t just understand typography, she gets excited about it, which is just what you want in a designer.

hidden gems

You've got a website, a social media presence, and an awesome book. Now how do you get reviews? Hidden Gems ARC Service is the most effective tool we've found, providing a far better-than-average return of usable Amazon reviews for all genres. They also offer editing and cover design services, provide outstanding customer service, and are lovely, lovely people.


While no software can replace live editors, using editing software can help you become a better self-editor, so when you do hire a human person, they can focus on the important things, rather than being distracted by your lack of contractions or overuse of adverbs. AutoCrit is the best editing software we know of.

ebook launch

The guys at ebook are superheroes: everything they do they do well, quickly, and more affordably than everyone else. They’re also super nice and incredibly patient.

We especially love them for ebook formatting and overall niceness.

ocg design infusion

Sean Sexton at OCG is knowledgeable, patient, and remarkably easy to talk to for a computer guy. If you need help with the technical side of promotion — everything from SEO to website building — he's all over it. He also teaches martial arts to kids. That has nothing to do with his web skills, we just think it's cool.

beth jusino

Beth is our go-to diva for marketing strategy and planning, an excellent writer and editor, and simply one of the smartest people we know.

We’d be jealous of her many talents if we didn’t love her so much.